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Users react to Soundcloud’s decision to remove Groups

With just 4 days until Soundcloud Groups are turned off forever, many loyal users are voicing their disappointment across the web.

User Matt Byron even started a petition to try and persuade Soundcloud to change their minds. The comments on the petition really sum up the feeling about the decision. Here is a selection:

Without “Groups” NOBODY will ever even see or find our tracks. There is nowhere else on Soundcloud to share our tracks, nowhere that elicits anything like the level of interaction, likes, reposts, comments. I’ve found the best stuff in Groups, and gained a cool little following that will now be completely lost to me. Removing Groups will mean that the only remaining element of Soundcloud being a community to share and find original music will be gone. – KTD, USA

Groups are an essential part of what Soundcloud is all about. MA, France

Groups are a vital secret weapon to me and all the indy artists on the platform. It would be a serious shame to remove this feature!! MB, USA

Groups are the only way I can share my music with the community of artists and listeners in Soundcloud. I will be just a dead artist without the groups! AO, Bulgaria

Sign the petition and read more opinions here.


Soundcloud quietly announces removal of Groups

So here it is folks…the official announcement:


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