About SoundcloudGroups.com

We are a team of musicians/coders who are deeply disappointed with the decision to phase out Soundcloud Groups, but felt we could do something about it. More genres and features coming soon! Get in touch using the Contact page.

The problem

Soundcloud removed the Groups feature on 22nd August 2016, leaving nowhere for independent artists to share their music.

How does it work?

Our groups are regular Soundcloud profiles with a clever backend that automatically processes submissions and posts them to instantly to playlists.

Why do I need to follow the group and repost the playlist?

In order for this idea to be successful, these playlists need to be listened to! And after all, your track will be top of the list :)

The solution

A profile for every genre on Soundcloud, each with a playlist which anyone can post to instantly.

Are there any rules?

You must have followed the group and reposted the playlist in order for your tracks to be automatically added. Also you may only post your own music.

Can I remove my track from the playlist?

Yes. Just delete the comment containing your track URL. You can find all comments you've made on your own profile.

Interested in running a group? Drop us a line using the Contact page!